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A 'Flying Visit' to the Italian Air Force Museum

Posted by Warbirds Pilot on 9 February 2015 | Comments

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Continuing our recent theme of unique aviation exhibits in ‘off the beaten track’ locations, this month’s contribution is the Italian Air Force Museum, which nestles in a spectacular location at Vigna di Valle on the edge of Lake Bracciano, a few miles North of Rome. The location itself is most historic, as Vigna di Valle was opened as the first Italian Experimental Aviation Yard in 1904, and was in use as a military flying boat base until the 1960s.

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Posted by Warbirds Pilot on 20 December 2014 | Comments

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A little off the beaten track, perhaps, but Zagreb's Technical Museum contains a couple of unique aeronautical gems. The Museum is currently undergoing some structural work, so the aviation exhibits are partially obscured by scaffolding and plastic sheeting, but it was still a rare treat to see the prototype Aero - 3 trainer, dating from 1953 and powered by a 6-cylinger Lycoming engine. 

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